Blockchain and AI combine to redefine data security.

11 May 2023

Here are a few projects combining AI and blockchain for data security. – Over the past year, the rapid development of AI technology has led to a new wave of false news, falsified documents, and fake images becoming public. To fight against this rising tide, companies are using the immutable infrastructure of blockchain to offer users a higher degree of certainty.

VIDT DAO offers File Validator, an accessible tool that allows users to timestamp their files using blockchain technology. This immutable record acts as a defense against falsified documents, helping to push public records toward transparency and authenticity. is taking similar technology into the industrial sphere by partnering with German industry giant Bosch.

Finally, LunarCrush is fighting against fake news by using real-time data analytics and market insight to collect reputable sources, helping users to make informed decisions. The Blockchain AI market is exploding and will grow from $230 million in 2021 to over $1 billion in 2030. The projects mentioned here represent some of the active participants in this trend.

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