From Cloud Migration To Intelligent Edge: It’s Time To Prepare For The Next Wave Of IT/OT Integration

16 February 2023

One growing trend beyond cloud computing is the rise of Edge computing to bring computing power as close as possible to the data sources. Edge data centers and interconnectivity are becoming important as the growth rate increases. Companies are starting to look for ‘Edge as a Service offering. Edge data centers efficiently meet the needs of applications in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, predictive analytics, and robotic process automation to provide an “Intelligent Edge”


Large data centers are inefficient in electricity, carbon emissions, and electronics waste. Edge data centers benefit from lower energy consumption for cooling than their processing output. At the same time, transferring data from the edge to the cloud is inefficient and poses security risks, but there are challenges at the edge. A platform approach is needed with consideration of the edge architecture. Click here for the full article.

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