GitHub Copilot gets a new ChatGPT-like assistant to help developers write and fix code.

11 May 2023

GitHub Copilot X: The AI-powered developer experience. – GitHub has enhanced its Copilot system by integrating OpenAI’s GPT-4, introducing chat and voice support within Microsoft’s Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. Expansion plans for JetBrains and Neovim are also in the pipeline. Copilot goes beyond auto complete and change recommendations by offering code explanations, bug fixes, and unit test writing capabilities. This AI assistance supports the entire software development lifecycle, including creating pull request tags based on code modifications.

Additionally, Copilot is enabled within the command line interface and utilizes various language models to accelerate AI assistant response times. This upgrade also extends Copilot’s availability to the Microsoft Office suite and Microsoft’s coding environments, making it an even more powerful tool for developers.

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