Google embeds enterprise-grade generative AI in its cloud.

11 May 2023

Google Cloud brings generative AI to developers. – Google has recently unveiled two sophisticated AI features for its cloud services, Vertex AI and Generative AI App Builder, intending to enhance the user experience for both Docs and Gmail.

The Vertex AI feature provides users API access to Google’s extensive PaLM language model, which has numerous applications. On the other hand, the Generative AI App Builder allows developers to use AI templates for various applications, making it a versatile and powerful tool.

The new cloud-based services have distinct levels of functionality, according to Chirag Dekate, VP analyst at Gartner. Low-code solutions for customers who want out-of-the-box applications and capabilities allow users to build on Google’s models and train their own.

Google has also highlighted how digital assistants can help business users generate SQL queries. Creating marketing copy and generating other media assets are potential use areas for AI products.

These innovative, cloud-based AI tools are accessible to the Google Cloud Innovator community members for testing, with a more extensive rollout intended for later.

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