Oracle (ORCL)-Owned Cerner Enviza signs AI contract with FDA.

11 May 2023

Oracle-owned Cerner announced the development of AI tools for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  – Cerner Enviza, an Oracle-owned company, has signed a new contract with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Their research will develop AI capabilities that help extract information from health records and contribute to understanding the effects of certain medicines on large groups. Their project is the Multi-Source Observational Safety Study for Advanced Information Classification Using NLP.

Cerner, alongside John Snow Labs, will spend the next two years developing Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) systems. These will be able to comb through medical records to gather information about the possible mental health side effects of the asthma drug montelukast. Hospitals and research institutes in Orange County and Washington will provide clinical expertise and consulting.

The new methodology they develop will support pharmacoepidemiology and help improve the Sentinet Initiative – the FDA’s current electronic system for monitoring regulated medical products and devices.

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