The Most Anticipated Tech IPOs In 2023

16 February 2023

This year is expected to be a slower time for tech IPOs to market. Many VCs and investors continue to review the 2022 IPOs to adjust to future valuations and financial expectations. 2022 saw the number of IPOs decreased by 88%, with proceeds down an incredible 95% compared to 2021, which saw several public listings of tech startups such as Coinbase and GitLab. 

SpaceX is eyeing a valuation of $143 billion, up 15% from its last valuation. The first step is allowing employees to sell shares to SpaceX investors. The challenge is if SpaceX and Elon Musk are ready to open their books and quarterly estimates to the public. Another anticipated IPO comes from Databricks, which continues its hiring trend even if its valuation dropped 20% in 2022 compared to 2021 to just over $30 billion. Databricks holds the niche of the largest data infrastructure company that is still private. Read on for other notable contenders.

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