With Bedrock, Amazon enters the generative AI race.

11 May 2023

Amazon is throwing its hat into the generative AI ring.

AWS joins the generative AI market with its release of Amazon Bedrock. Instead of creating its own AI platform, Bedrock allows AWS customers to tap into third-party AI models via an API. Amazon has partnered with AL21 Labs, Anthropic, and Stability AI. These projects cover everything from AI text generation to image and graphic design generation.

Bedrock is mainly aimed at enterprise-level clients, with Amazon attempting to seize a piece of the AI market (predicted to reach a $110 billion market value by 2030). Regarding bespoke offerings, Amazon Bedrock includes the Titan FM Family (like Chat GTP-4) and an embedding AI model.

On the legal side, the world of AI is seeing several lawsuits around the data companies use to train AI. In many cases, the data used is copyrighted, with the lack of a solid legal foundation around the use of AI causing this to be a hot point of discussion. When asked where the data used to train Titan FM came from, the VP of Generative AI at AWS, Vasi Philomin, refused to answer.

Alongside throwing its hat into the generative AI ring, Amazon has also announced several AI-focused developments. CodeWhisperer is now completely free, allowing developers to use AI to generate code rapidly. This service now covers many more languages. AWS has also announced Elastic Cloud Computer (Ec2) Inf2 instances, powered by AWS Inferentia2 chips, and will speed up AI runtimes.  Finally, Amazon has released the AWS terrarium, a custom-designed chip for AI training. 

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