Recognizing technology talent and innovation.

RECOGNIZE is a committed partner for driven entrepreneurs building differentiated technology services companies. We provide operational expertise, industry insights, and strategic capital to help the inspired become the legendary.


Who we support

Winners and Leaders

The new services winners and leaders will include firms that identify and embrace innovation, specialize, and produce more repeatable outcomes with proprietary embedded intellectual property. We segment this $2 trillion market into two broad segments: transformation services and platform services.

Recognizing Entrepreneurs

RECOGNIZE was founded by entrepreneurs with a goal of helping other entrepreneurs operationalize and accelerate their vision. We have a special appreciation for the commitment required to build a firm completely reliant on special talent and a great culture.


RECOGNIZE was founded with the vision of creating a platform purpose-built and focused on the next generation of technology services winners and leaders. Our primary focus on one sector allows us to provide valued-added domain expertise, focused sourcing and recruiting networks, and deep innovation and market insights.

Our primary focus on the one sector drives valued-added domain expertise, sourcing and recruiting networks, innovation, and market insights.

What we do

We are a focused investment firm driven by operational value creation at the forefront of innovation.

Technology Services

The rapid pace of technology innovation is forcing businesses to rethink the products and services they provide to their customers and to reconfigure how they work. Increasingly, companies that are looking to orchestrate and exploit complex, rapidly changing technologies are turning to outside services firms to act as the bridge between technology innovation and the enterprise.

Transformation Services

Transformation services companies sit at the nexus of technology innovation and business outcomes. Technology innovation needs to be assembled, extended, and configured and applied to real world business problems to create business impact.

Platform Services

In addition to designing, configuring, and building software, many technology services firms operate an entire business or functional platform as a business service tied to performance-based metrics and outcomes.


We believe next generation of winners and leaders in technology services will be highly specialized by technology, industry, or business process. Technology has become more powerful but more complicated and diverse. RECOGNIZE believes the proliferation of microservices, the API economy, virtualization, multi and hybrid clouds is still in the early stages. Likewise, as more industry-specific processes undergo digital transformation, technology services companies will need domain expertise in select verticals to co-innovate with customers.


Founded by a team of experienced technology operators and investment professionals — Frank D’ Souza, Charles Phillips, David Wasserman and Rajeev MehtaRECOGNIZE is focused on investing in the talent that transforms technology innovation into business value. We are a diverse team of technology operators and private equity investors with decades of collective experience in the software and services industries.


Purpose is a special word at RECOGNIZE. We are a purpose-built firm for seeking to create value in a specific industry sector: technology services. At our founding, we contemplated and valued the impact we could have on people and communities. As businesses and societies become increasingly technology intensive, more people will be needed who can build, configure, and operate software. Researchers estimate a shortage of 85 million tech workers by 2030. RECOGNIZE plans to address the global shortage of technical talent by helping to scale technology services firms and by making engineers more productive with technology. The demand for technology talent will translate to millions of new jobs over the next decade and RECOGNIZE plans to expose more people from diverse backgrounds to these jobs of the future. Gifted engineers in technology services are constantly pushing the art of the possible by inventing compelling use cases for innovative technology that change how industries operate. RECOGNIZE will help define the future of work. That is our real purpose.

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We help entrepreneurs operationalize and accelerate their vision.




Over half the CIOs are increasing their use of contractors to secure technology talent.  The tech talent shortage has changed the calculus on how to source talent.


The split between commercial off the shelf applications and custom development remains consistent with past trends with 42% of CIOs accelerating COTS and 37% increasing a focus on custom applications.


The migration to cloud has been a long journey but companies have made significant progress.  About 71% of CIOs have at least 50% of their application workloads in the cloud.    


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