10 trends Gartner expects to shape enterprise tech in 2024

16 November 2023

Oct 16, 2023: Gartner has identified the trends that it expects to shape enterprise technology in the coming year.Top of the list is the growth of generative AI across the enterprise and gen AI’s associated trust, risk, and security challenges, as well as its benefits, such as AI-assisted software development to boost software engineers’ output. 

Similarly, Gartner expects AI to appear omnipresent in applications through the creation of intelligent apps that can respond autonomously based on machine learning. Enterprises will continue investing to guard against both physical and digital cybersecurity attacks.

Gartner sees the rise of “machine customers,” AI-driven robotic applications that will execute purchases on behalf of organizations. 

At the same time, sustainability will be an increasing concern as organizations look for more sustainable alternatives to traditional energy-intensive technologies such as AI and cloud. Gartner expects the growth of platform engineering and broad adoption of industry cloud platforms, such as Salesforce Financial Services Cloud or Oracle Retail Cloud, which are tailored to address the needs of specific verticals.

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