AI TECH – CHINA China Is Stealing AI Secrets to Turbocharge Spying, U.S. Says

9 February 2024
December 25, 2023: The US is increasingly concerned with China’s attempts to accelerate its capabilities with stolen American AI (artificial intelligence) technologies. In 2018, alarms were raised when former Apple employee Xiaolang Zhang was arrested for stealing secrets from Apple’s autonomous driving program. This event has underscored the importance of artificial intelligence in the intensifying battle for dominance in this field.

The FBI has expanded its efforts to prevent potential exploitation by China, particularly in the chip manufacturing sector. The reaction comes amidst growing concern that China could utilize AI to gather significant amounts of data on Americans and use it to bolster their hacking operations. China has denied any involvement in hacking.

OpenAI and other tech companies have since joined forces with the FBI due to concerns about disseminating AI secrets to China. This collaboration was prompted by suspicions about an employee allegedly stealing proprietary information from Applied Materials. This led to legal action against Mattson Technology, a China-owned company.

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