ORACLE – GENERATIVE AI: Oracle will collaborate with AI startup and Open AI rival to develop generative AI services 

31 July 2023

Oracle Plans to Provide Generative AI Services with Cohere

Leading tech companies are all heavily investing in generative AI technologies. Google has invested $250 million into Anthropic, Microsoft has invested $10 billion in OpenAI, and most recently, Oracle has joined the race. Oracle announced its partnership with Cohere in June, only a week after participating in Cohere’s $270 million funding round. 


Cohere specializes in foundation models–a system that trains on large quantities of unstructured data that businesses can apply to many functions. By partnering with Oracle, they will have access to its vast database market and customer base. In exchange, Oracle will be able to bring AI products to market in a fraction of the time while diversifying the LLM space with a different provider.

Yet, this partnership also exposes Oracle to the same challenges that other vendors in this space experience. Governance, security, and privacy issues are still rife within AI. Oracle has countered this by suggesting that their OCI’s generative AI capabilities will give customers more control over their data.

Results from the partnership are already on the horizon, with the Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) HR software offering AI integrations. When an HR agent needs to create a job listing or list performance goals, Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM will contain a button that automatically generates these fields. These integrations will launch by the end of the year.

Oracle attributes its rapid progress to the superiority of OCI’s generative workload management in the cloud. It combines apps and infrastructure to deliver faster, cheaper, and more integrated processes. With its new partnership, Oracle is leaning into the surge of AI technology the entire sector is experiencing.

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