Reengineering Data Engineering for GenAI

16 November 2023

Oct 23, 2023: As the generative AI landscape evolved, leading real-time database solutions provider Kinetica cemented its position by addressing the challenges faced by data engineers. 

The company’s accomplishments include facilitating real-time analytics and tackling data engineering complexities, which have traditionally involved heavy pre-planning. The rise of GenAI, however, soon began making it untenable for data engineers to build pipelines for a growing number of queries. That’s when Kinetica saw a significant opportunity and capitalized on it.

Kinetica had already begun development of a vectorized database engine that not only reduced the data engineering workload but allowed rapid analytics processing. When GenAI started to dominate, Kinetica seized the opportunity to streamline data engineering, allowing real-time vector search.

To facilitate this, Kinetica integrated a ChatGPT-like interface with its database, enabling users to query in natural language, which is then translated to SQL in real time. This feature simplified complex data queries, making analytics more accessible to those without SQL expertise.

The company’s vectorized engine also stands out by efficiently leveraging GPU clusters for processing, offering a cost-effective solution given the rising GPU prices. This capability ensures optimal performance while maintaining affordability, enabling more businesses to venture into GenAI.

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