SALESFORCE – GENERATIVE AI CLOUD: Salesforce announces AI Cloud to empower enterprises with trusted generative AI

31 July 2023

Salesforce has introduced AI Cloud, a solution designed to enhance productivity across all Salesforce applications, catering specifically to enterprise needs. This innovative open platform seamlessly combines multiple Salesforce technologies, including Einstein, Data Cloud, Tableau, Flow, and MuleSoft, enabling real-time generative AI capabilities to optimize business operations.

AI Cloud’s Einstein Trust Layer enhances trust in enterprise generative AI by safeguarding sensitive data, preventing the integration of proprietary information into public models, and addressing concerns about data privacy, security, residency, and compliance. Customers can also select customized large language models (LLMs) from providers like OpenAI, Anthropic, Cohere, and Salesforce’s exclusive proprietary and domain-specific models.

Salesforce’s LLMs, including CodeGen, CodeT5+, and CodeTF, offer advanced capabilities like code generation and business process automation assistance.

“We created AI Cloud to help customers leverage AI-created content across sales, customer service, marketing, commerce and IT interactions to better connect with their audiences in new, more personalized ways,” said Adam Caplan, SVP of emerging technology at Salesforce.

“Our new offering will empower enterprises to safely turn on the power of generative AI across all of their applications, connect all of their enterprise data, gain new insights about their customers, and automate workflows.”

The company has also developed prompt templates and builders to optimize workflows and improve the quality and relevance of AI-generated content. These tools use harmonized data to ground the generated outputs in each company’s unique context and reduce or eliminate AI hallucinations.

The new offering will enable sales teams to generate personalized emails customized to meet customers’ needs. Additionally, marketers can use the tool to create audience segments, using natural language prompts and AI-driven recommendations to enhance targeting.                          

“Our guidelines for responsible generative AI aim to help Salesforce and all users of generative AI mitigate these issues by following responsible best practices when it comes to development,” said Caplan. 

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