Solix Technologies, Inc. Announces SOLIXCloud Enterprise AI

16 November 2023

October 12, 2023: Data fabric and cloud data management company Solix Technologies has recently revealed their SOLIXCloud Enterprise AI platform for generative AI and machine learning. It will focus on enterprise-grade security and privacy, and the platform integrates seamlessly with the existing Solix Cloud Data Management suite, enhancing data quality for AI deployments. 

“In order for enterprises to accelerate their businesses, enterprises need to leverage the right data at the right time, which requires best-in-class infrastructure architecture (IA) for AI,” said Sai Gundavelli, Founder and CEO of Solix Technologies, Inc. “The Solix Common Data Platform and Solix Cloud Data Management application framework deliver an essential information architecture for enterprise AI.”

SOLIXCloud Enterprise AI features two main components. The first is a Llama 2-powered chatbot dubbed “Solix GPT” and an MLflow-powered machine learning platform designated “Solix ML.” 

SOLIXCloud Enterprise AI aims to empower enterprises with superior data quality, automation, productivity, and improved decision-making thanks to its flexibility and extensibility. The new platform will integrate with the existing Solix Cloud Data Management suite, providing robust data management capabilities.

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