What are your organization’s main concerns about accelerating the deployment of Generative AI?

12 February 2024

The survey highlights key concerns organizations have regarding the rapid deployment of Generative AI. The predominant concern is security, cited by 60% of respondents, reflecting the critical need for robust safeguards in AI systems. Complexity is also a significant issue, with 37% acknowledging the challenges in managing these sophisticated technologies. Sourcing talent to manage Generative AI is a concern for 31%, indicating a gap in skilled professionals in this field. Equally, 30% worry about the hardware resources required and the potential for inaccurate results or hallucinations from AI models. The impact on jobs is a concern for 27%, suggesting apprehension about the workforce implications of AI. While 22% are wary of a low return on investment, a small 4% have no material concerns, and only 3% are unsure of the use cases for Generative AI. These concerns paint a picture of cautious optimism and awareness of the complexities involved in adopting Generative AI technologies.


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